Laughter: The Best Aphrodisiac

Published: 16th November 2006
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WARNING: True story ahead. This will help you attract women. Stop reading if you don't want to learn how to get the woman of your dreams just by being funny.

Here is a story, the story of a guy who wasn't that good-looking but was full of charisma, energy, and the ability to make fun of himself. He had no problem letting it all hang out, so karaoke was a regular event for him on weekend nights. One night this guy was having a great time, not even looking for girls, just singing (badly, I might add) at the karaoke bar on the East Side of Manhattan and entertaining his friends. A beautiful Latina girl, one he normally wouldn't think of picking up, noticed him and displayed her interest with some serious flirting. She wasn't blown away by his looks, but loved the fact that he enjoyed making fun of himself on stage. There was just something about the energy he brought with him. Soon they started talking, one thing led to another, and before he knew it he was in bed with this beautiful South American chick. Now they're talking about getting married.

And by the way, this story is entirely true.

Guys, girls LOVE humor! No matter which survey, book, or magazine article you read, HUMOR is always rated as one of the top things girls look for in a guy. And think about it, if YOU were a girl, would you rather be with a guy who loves life and makes you laugh, or with a guy who may be better-looking but is really boring? No contest. Not only does having a good sense of humor brighten up your girl's world, it also brightens up your own.

I could talk all day about different ways of being funny (or "cocky funny", as David DeAngelo recommends), but I'll start with my favorite method:

1. Self-Deprecation

You know how your parents told you to not care what people joked about you, to just joke about yourself? Well, it works, and not just as a way of deflecting mockery. You can get girls to like you, even love you, as well.

I mean, hey, my last name sounds kind of funny. So growing up, I always got called by a nickname. Bothered me at first, but once I started joking about it myself, even EMBRACING the moniker of my nickname, life got better. Schoolmates actually stopped calling me by it in a mocking way, but in a fun, buddy kind of way. I realized that self-deprecation has even greater rewards: by doing silly things like the worst "worm" you'll ever see on a dance floor, or karaoke on a stage, people would laugh, and enjoy my company. I'd be invited out a lot more. And I'd enjoy myself. THAT'S a winner's game.

Going along with the whole funny surname, making fun of it, helped me make friends--and girlfriends. "What's your name?" girls ask. "James, but you can call me Burritto," I'd respond. "Burritto?" girls would say with a laugh. "That's an interesting name." And I guarantee you the conversation didn't end there.

So guys, learn to make fun of yourself. You'll not only attract girls, but you'll enjoy life more. Everything in life seems a little brighter, a little more "glass half full" when you learn to laugh--not just at other people, but also at yourself.

2. Observational Humor. Hey, strange and funny things always happen. You might see a guy whose face looks like his dog's, or a ridiculous-looking cat staring at you. If you can point these things out, you'll come off as sharp, witty, and full of fun.

3. Wit. Nothing looks stronger than a guy who can cut his opponent to pieces, especially using their own remarks against them. It conveys intelligence, humor, and power, all in one.

4. Exaggeration. Hey, just be ridiculous. I've gotten girls' phone numbers just by walking around like a crab. Or sing a note REALLY off-key. It depends on what kind of girl you're after--if she's an ice queen, I wouldn't recommend it--but for fun, easygoing girls, going over the top will make them laugh--and want to be with you in the process.

5. Cocky Funny. This is the trademark of relationship guru, David DeAngelo. The premise is that by doing cocky and funny acts like making fun of a girl, or slapping her hands, you show that you can live without her. Girls need you more than you need them, so to speak.

Personally, I don't recommend this method, because it will really just make you look like a jerk. If bumping into a girl on purpose or asking her friends how they can deal with someone so annoying like her fits your personality, go for it. Maybe you are a cocky jerk after all. But if it's NOT you, don't bother. Dating should be about who you are, NOT who you aren't.

There you go. Just like laughter is the best medicine, it's also one of the best aphrodisiacs. So use it, and have fun!


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